My name is Ilia Gavriotou. 

I am a Greek lawyer (Athens Bar Association) holding both civil law (Athens Law School) and common law (Australian National University) degrees. 

I have worked as a continental lawyer in Greece and a common law intern in Australia. During my stay in Australia, I became an accredited Australian Commercial Disputes Centre (ACDC) mediator.

Over the years, I have acquired an extensive experience in translating complicate and highly demanding legal documents from Greek into English and a thorough knowledge of the Greek translation market. My main area of expertise in legal translation is Contract Law, as a result of practicing law in Greece and studying as a PhD student at the University of Western Australia (UWA).

I decided to launch Greek Law in English to disseminate my knowledge and help other lawyers and translators improve their translation skills through innovative and flexible online courses and workshops.

Greek Law in English is an official TOLES training and exams centre in Greece.

Apart from my work, I love travelling the world and expanding my passion for photography.